New Year Reflections

Wingshan Smith reflects on TEDx Courtauld Institute 2014, “Colouring Life”

Volunteering for TEDx Courtauld Institute was a great opportunity to shadow an awesome organisation. After so many hours of watching inspiring TED talks online I was quick to sign up, especially because we would get to know all about the nitty gritty of planning such a complex event.

Amongst setting up food and drink, folding the leaflets and learning how to use fancy phone apps to tick people off the list as they arrived, we were able to catch a few talks completely free of charge.

For me, the talk given by French travel writer Alexandre Poussin stood out. He described an adventure he took with his wife across Africa, exclusively on foot, without the aid of any maps, modern technology or local knowledge.

Later, when I was clearing up after the event, I managed to personally speak to Alexandre and left the day with a few words of wisdom… plus some leftover cheese, which tasted like heaven.

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Wingshan (second from right) is a second year student at the Courtauld Institute of Art and editor of FRESH Magazine.


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